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Naga Warrior Vessel



Carved from a single piece of wood, the tribal Naga Warrior Vessel is a pre-industrial artefact from the northern part of India. Its intricate carvings maintain a symbiotic relationship with its raw, uncomplicated form. From the incongruous bowl-like shape emerges a face. The rest of its curvature is covered in diagonal etchings.

The craft of woodcarving amidst Naga tribes relates to architectural facades and ritual practices. Historically, these creations are attributed to only the male members of the tribe and almost all the men in the community were equipped with basic woodwork skills. Common motifs present in Naga Woodwork include animal and human heads.

With a wide rim, the Naga Warrior Vessel can hold planters or add value as a centerpiece filled with potpourri.

Originally Sourced from: Nagaland

Height 15 cm
Width 24.5 cm
Depth 20.5 cm

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