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InOrdinary is a label for people who relish everyday objects with personality and presence.

Compiled with care, our collection offers a leisurely means for you to discover crafted items by contemporary makers in India. Some of our offerings are unique, others time honoured classics. Each of them sparks curiosity, conversation and slides seamlessly into thoughtfully layered spaces.

Conceived in appreciation of the myriad ‘ordinary’ craft items that dot our lives, InOrdinary sets out to spur a deeper engagement with everyday objects. We handpick our pieces from the workshops of some of the most innovative makers in India today and present them into our ‘Contemporary Living’ section. We also share our finds at vintage stores and studios across the country in our ‘Found Treasures’ series.

Our selections are driven by reasons of craftsmanship, form and function. Most of all, however, they are led by our fondness for objects crafted to endure. We are passionate about the processes involved in the making of our items. Our dedicated efforts to learn more about them resulted in our ‘Glossary’, an introductory list of terms and techniques aimed to help our buyers understand craft work better.

All InOrdinary items undergo stringent quality checks, but we do not consider the particularities of handmade objects to be flaws. We are strict about the standards to which we hold our objects, but also understand that no two versions of a crafted item will be exactly alike since that is their very nature. We believe that embracing the idiosyncrasies of the craft objects that inhabit our lives can redefine our relationship with them and lend more meaning to our spaces. Above all, we at InOrdinary hope to inspire such extraordinary connections.

InOrdinary is based in Mumbai, India.


After co-founding and running a multi-disciplinary design studio in Mumbai, InOrdinary Founder/Creative-Director Priyansha Jain moved on to the world of contemporary art as a curator and arts manager. Having lived across Mumbai, London, Venice and Gothenburg, she was exposed to a variety of craft making cultures. It was this, in combination with her love of everyday objects and the cultural aspects of craft, that sowed the seeds of InOrdinary.

After a couple of years spent visiting the workshops of various contemporary craft makers in India and building her knowledge about materials and processes she finally took the plunge. She now works with contemporary makers to source, develop collaborative collections and bespoke products for InOrdinary.