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Building a precise repository of remarkable pieces that carry the knowledge of contemporary makers is a process that demands an extensive network and an intensive understanding of the craft in question. Our consultancy program lends both capacities to bespoke solutions for private homes and public spaces.

We are industry agnostic and instinctively move between an advisory role and actively collaborating with makers to ideate and execute commissioned pieces.



The symbiotic relationship we share with our makers helps us understand their strengths, style and design processes in great depth and carefully map it against your requirement – whether you are a collector, stylist, architect or an art novice. We process your vision and conceptualize narratives around works which have unique and enduring value. We welcome discussions on site-specific requirements spanning across the residential and hospitality sectors. From sculptural objects to one-of-a-kind art pieces, we can also help you source one-of-a-kind art pieces by exceptional artists and unearth antique collectibles from less-frequented sites. With a finger on the pulse of the art-world, we end up devoting a lot of time to scouting special pieces for inspired spaces.


If our existing pieces do not fit your vision, we can assure you that our imagination will. We work with our makers to catalyse their explorations of craft. From Anagama Fired Pottery to new age materials birthed by sustainable processes, we delve into the core of the techniques involved to produce the final piece that pays tribute to the maker’s skill and creativity – rendering it truly unique and built specifically for your requisite. Our special commissions extend the possibility of exploring new materials, colours and shapes that can evolve from our existing collections or starting from scratch with an inspired thought.


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