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Scooped Burmese Plate



Coated in lacquer, the Scooped Burmese Plate has an unmistakable sheen that amplifies its brick red hue. Devoid of any intricate carvings, it features clean, running lines around its curved outer surface.

Lacquerware, going back thousands of years, is also known as ‘Yun De’. It is a local Burmese craft, imbibed into Indian culture through a local community of Indian traders called the ‘Chettiars’, who had moved to Burma during the colonial times and later brought back with them elements of the Burmese heritage. These pieces are usually passed down to family members as heirlooms.

The Scooped Burmese Plate is stunning in its simplicity and can be used as a quick-access container for daily articles such as keys, erasers and tea sachets.

Height 5 cm
Width 23.5 cm
Depth (Diameter) 23.5 cm


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