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Serving Spoons Holder – Cucumber



Through a combination of hand and machine crafting, brass, wood and embroidered fabric come together to create a play filled serving spoons holder.

Spin the wheel at the dining table to break awkward pauses. The fruit is not edible.

Height 18 cm
Width 10 cm
Depth 9.6 cm

For Wood:

Hand Wash in Warm Soapy Water and Air Dry. Use only Soft Bristled Brush, if needed.

For Brass:

The brass on this product has not been lacquered and hence would have begun oxidation.
Use a good quality, non-abrasive brass cleaning liquid and follow product instructions using an extra soft dust cloth to remove any blackness that forms over time.
Do not apply pressure on persistent marks. Treat stubborn marks with gentle motions and reapply the cleaning liquid as required.

Each Variation may differ slightly.

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