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Naga Chief’s Seat - Small



The low wooden stool, is a raw derivation of the Naga Chief’s Seat. Built from a single piece of wood, it features 8 abstract hornbill heads, facing outwards and emerging from the stable rectangular central piece that rests on four tapered legs.

Crafted from a single piece of wood by the tribes of Nagaland in Northeast India, the stool is meant to be used by Naga priests or chiefs. Devoid of markings or carvings, the stool has a rich, brown patina. The hornbill is a cultural totem that spans across Naga rituals, where it is seen as a symbol of honour, strength, beauty and even love.

An antique piece, the Naga Chief’s Seat spruces up existing living room furniture and can also be used as a low table for holding breakfast in bed or resting tired feet after a long day. It is available in two sizes.

Originally Sourced from: Nagaland

Height 13 cm
Width 43.5 cm
Depth 19.5 cm

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