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Sukhdev Rathod - Between the Lines



The protrusions from this set of stoneware cups are an abstraction of the corrugated sleeves found around takeaway cups.

Don’t proceed with caution – these cups are designed to keep your beverage warm while safeguarding your hands from the heat.

Hand wash only. Microwave safe. Not oven-proof.

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Keshav Mahendru

Keshav Mahendru is an art collector and dealer based between New Delhi and Mumbai, whose friends refer to him as the ‘art encyclopaedia’. His passion for art is driven by an admiration for the creativity and ingenuity that artists pour into their work. Keshav co-founded FAQ Art, in 2019, which works on exhibitions, publications and other unique projects with museums, galleries, artists and collectors.


SHED - Maatlu

I fell in love with this one at first sight. Half a lota, its narrow neck fits in the crook between my thumb and index finger perfectly. Finished to a smooth texture, the grain in the teak shine through. It’s as if the maker took the block of wood and played with it for a while to ascertain how best to gouge out the shape so the natural grain of the wood would be best showed off. A secret indent on the round of the cup allows you to securely put the cup down confidently. I’m told the cup will stain with every use. I foresee it getting darker, maybe the surface treatment will wear off and a new patina from holding it will develop along the narrow rim of it. Like a wooden idol, which has been worshipped and had liquids of all types poured over it, I imagine an unctuous glaze of years of use forming on it.

Sukhdev Rathod - Between the Lines

This cup is deceptively thoughtful. The blades add protective distance between the hand and hot beverage. It’s inspired by the sleeves on a Starbucks cup. I learnt recently that the sleeves have a name - zarf. It is a term borrowed from Arabic meaning a chalice like vessel for coffee. Somehow Sukhdev has managed to complete the circle here. While one can hold it one hand, this cup is more comfortably held with two - like a ritual chalice to drink coffee out of.

Kopal Seth - Textile Twist - I

Eggs - Soft scrambled, slightly runny. Guilty dollop of ketchup on a white plate - folded up into a coffee cup. This cup feels like a cubist sculpture of a quick dash morning breakfast.